Banana “Nice” Cream and The Not-So-Nice Food Processor – Miss San Diego 2015

Hi y’all! (in honor of the CMT Awards tonight 🙂 I’m back with another “Cooking with Diamond” video but this one is PAGEANT PREP EDITION – yes, all caps is necessary. We are in the final days of preparation before heading up to Fresno so everything’s a little dramatic right now haha. As I was preparing, I decided to give up sweets like cake, candy, soda, extra sugary juices and things like that for the last 4 weeks. I chose to do this because I wanted to be disciplined physically and clear-minded spiritually before one of the coolest things I’ve ever done happens. Along with that comes cravings of course so finding this recipe was exactly what I needed! I’ve seen it all over the internet (Pinterest) and never was brave enough to try it. Well, not having chocolate for a few weeks will bolster anyone so I gave it a try and LOVED IT! Keep reading to get a play-by-play on how I made my Chocolate Nice Cream as well as to see a HILARIOUS (not at the time) video of me trying to make Strawberry Nice Cream. It’s sad and hence the “not-so-nice food processor” in my title. I really hope you try this out and get pumped – A new Miss California will be crowned in 17 days!
3-4 ripe bananas (spotted brown and a little soft is perfect!), frozen in little discs
2 tbsp of cocoa powder
1 tsp of vanilla
Start by peeling your bananas and cutting into little discs like this. If you can tell, some of the bananas were more ripe than others which is okay. You just want them to have little brown spots on them to get maximum sweetness and to digest it better. Unripe bananas can taste bitter and actually be acidic in your body.
Then, place them into a plastic bag like this and pop it into your freezer. As you’ll see in my mishap video, my block was really frozen so maybe freezing smaller amounts into 2 or 3 bags would be better. Or just let your bag sit on the counter for 5-7 minutes before blending.
Place your bananas into a food processor or blender and give it a whirl!
MMMMMMMMMMM – it’s already getting all nice and creamy. It really is amazing that this works!
At this point, you can stop if you’d like to have a more mild flavor. You could add a dash or two of vanilla extract and you’ve got Vanilla Nice Cream. Being that I was feeling very chocolate deprived at this time, I decided to keep going and added cocoa powder and vanilla.
It was sooo yummy. At first I thought I might’ve added too much cocoa so I added a few more bananas but after it sat in the freezer and developed more flavor, it was perfect.
Place your nice cream into a freezer-safe container and let sit in the freezer for about 2 hours before eating. It’ll firm up just like dairy ice cream – it’s crazy!
I really hope you enjoy this cool treat – especially as the weather begin to heat up. It’s all fruit and antioxidants from the cocoa. This is truly a guilt-free dessert (although, no dessert should carry guilt. Dessert is awesome! We just don’t overdo, that’s all)
Now, if you’re ready for a laugh, check out this video of my tragic experience trying to make Strawberry-flavored Nice Cream. I’m actually eating a bowl of it right now, and it’s really tasty. Too bad it was so hard to capture it on camera! Enjoy the video and I hope you have a great rest of your week.
Until next time,
Diamond Alexander