WHERE: Longboard Restaurant, Huntington Beach

WHEN: Fundraiser lasts all day, special event at 5-9pm

Just a few steps from the Huntington Beach Pier, the Longboard Restaurant is a historical site and was constructed in 1904 by Talbert and Leatherman.  It is the oldest remaining building in the city of Huntington Beach. Longboard Restaurant is known for it's seafood dishes and all-around delicious food.

Come and join us for some food, drinks, live music, and a chance to win some prizes – all while giving to the Children's Miracle Network (CMN)! CMN is an international non-profit organization that raises funds for children's hospitals, medical research and community awareness of children's health issues. The Miss America Organization is a national sponsor for the Children's Miracle Network. You can donate to Bree's fund HERE.


Andrew Bloom – Singer/Guitarist

Ask 18 year old musician/singer/songwriter Andrew Bloom what THE most important motivating factor is in his life and he'll look you straight in the eye with a great set of baby blues and say, “Well, it's to play, it's just. . .to play.”

Don't be confused though. He does agree that the ultimate goal of the game is to become a star by topping the charts with a hit song, but until that happens, all he wants to do is play music! Oh–and not just in his living room for friends and family. Not even just for a panel of judges on a Reality T.V. competition American Idol. No, what Andrew means when he says “to play” is–to produce music for an audience of people in a concert hall or pub, to entertain, and to get paid for his efforts while doing it. For the record, that's what he means!

Interestingly, he is able to accomplish “just playing” on a regular basis, and perhaps it's due to Bloom's style and genre which set him apart from other kids his age who are making an attempt to break into the biz. Yes, he is a Pop Music kid, but he infuses it with old-school elements from some more traditional genres like Classic Rock, Funk, R&B and Soul. Now we're talkin' appeal for more than one generation.


Lots of prize info coming soon!