Comfort and growth cannot coexist

miss-sonoma-1Since graduating high school in 2012 I had gotten comfortable. Now don’t get me wrong after a long day or busy week I like a little comfort. There is nothing better than watching your favorite movie and staying in bed all day when you really need it. If life were up to me I would spend most days “sweatpants hair tied chillin’ with no makeup on”. But in more ways than one comfort is my biggest enemy. Comfort told me I didn’t need to strive for more, I was content being average, I could live without graduating from college, I would be fine with a mediocre life. It was a parasite infecting my brain with negativity and fear of the unknown. I knew I needed a change.

miss-sonoma-3My comfortable rut I had gotten into changed December 2015. Through social media I became aware of the Miss Sonoma County program and found out they were having interviews the very next day for the class of 2016. I went on an absolute whim and was chosen as one of the 12 girls competing for Miss Sonoma County. I did not win that year (I got second runner up) but the skills I acquired and people I met started a snowball effect in my life. The committee challenged my complacent thoughts and believed in my success so much. I was more confident and outspoken and willing to put myself out there and challenge myself. I was finally growing instead of being comfortable.

miss-sonoma-2I knew that when I signed up again for Miss Sonoma County in 2017 what I had to do in order to win. Make myself massively uncomfortable! The main thing I have learned about myself over the past year and a half, and especially in the past couple months as Miss Sonoma County, is that things are never as uncomfortable as your brain builds them up to be. I am so thankful for the opportunity the Miss America Organization has given me to be the best version of myself and to do so many things I never would have done if I had decided instead to stay in my little comfy bubble.

by: Kristina Schmuhl – Miss Sonoma County 2017