How To Compete

If you have not competed in the Miss America Organization before, we hope this page will be your one-stop place to find out how to compete in a California Local Pageant!

  • Teen or Miss?

    “Teen” Contestants are young women between the ages of 13-17.

    “Miss” Contestants are young women between the ages of 17-24, and at least a senior in high school.

  • Find where you are eligible to compete

    Each local pageant has its own geographical areas of eligibility. You can find the areas for which you are eligible to compete based on which county/city you live in, where you go to school, and where you work HERE.

    There are two types of Pageants:

    a) Structured: Contestants competing in a ‘Structured' Pageant must reside, work or attend school within a specific limited geographic area that is specified for that pageant.

    b) Open: Any contestant who meets the basic eligibility requirements from throughout the state of California may compete

    There are no limits on the number of competitions an entrant may enter within a single pageant year. An entrant may enter any local competition (structured or open) as long as she meets the eligibility requirements for that specific local competition.

    A current Titleholder is not permitted to enter the same competition in which she won a title the previous year, even if multiple titles are being awarded.  She may, however, enter any other competition for which she is eligible.

    There are Teen Contestants that compete in structured teen pageants. There are also Teen At-Large Contestants; this just means that you aren’t sponsored by a particular local pageant committee, but you compete right along with the local titleholders at the state competition. For information on competing as an At-Large Contestant, email Kim Nguyen, Outstanding Teen At-Large Coordinator:

  • Click HERE to fill out the online application

    Once you have figured out where you are eligible to compet, click the check-mark (on the left) to fill out the online application. Once it's submitted, an email will be sent to the local director of the pageant(s) you applied for. You can also find their contact information on the “Find A Local” page as well as the “Local Miss Pageant” & “Local Teen Pageant” pages.


    Be sure to attend required meetings and rehearsals

    Be sure you have filled out and submitted your required paperwork by the given deadline.

If you want to be a Contestant, review all the requirements and areas of eligibility.  You can either ask for more information or apply online. *TEEN Application coming soon.


Local Teen Contestants

Teen Contestants have the perfect opportunity to start young.  Many of our former Miss Californias started competing as Teens and some were even former Miss California's Outstanding Teens.  We hope all eligible CA Teen contestants take the opportunity to compete and grow into polished and accomplished young women.

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Local Miss Contestants

Miss Contestants have the perfect opportunity to earn scholarships for the college education they are currently working towards.  The costs of a college education are rising more and more each year and we are proud to help more and more young women earn their college degrees year after year. * Scholarship Associates is a 501C3 charitable foundation.

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