We’re excited to announce that MCO will soon migrating its email and calendar platform from our existing servers to Gmail and G Suite. With G Suite, we'll gain the benefits of a robust and innovative feature set, the ability to access email and calendar services from any Internet-connected computer, more storage capacity, and lower infrastructure and support costs.

To prepare for this migration, we need your help. Below is a form for you to securely submit your email and current password to ensure the migration goes smoothly.  Also we request that you give us an alternative email address that we can get a hold of you.  At the end of this process we will use this alternative email address to send you your final details associated with your new email account.

Migration will begin:
December 14th
Estimate to Complete:
2 Days

Email Connection Instructions

Once Migrated you will be able to check your email via a web browser by going to one of the following URL's:

  1. http://mail.misscalifornia.org/
  2. http://mail.google.com/a/misscalifornia.org

Your username to login is your full @MissCalifornia.org email address.

Setting up your email on your phone is much easier than before.  Below are instructions on how to setup your new Gmail email on your Desktop, Tablet or Smart phone.

Iphone or Ipad

An an Iphone or Ipad you have 2 choices:

  1. IOS Native Email
  2. Gmail App

IOS Native Email instructions:

IOS Gmail App

Android phone or Tablet

Android's native email app is Gmail. Below are the instructions to setting up your account on either a phone or tablet.


Desktop Software


Apple Mail


Web Browser

You may use one of the following URL's to check your email via a web browser.

  1. http://mail.misscalifornia.org/
  2. http://mail.google.com/a/misscalifornia.org