Get to know Anaheim with Miss Anaheim, JR Nessary

Growing up in Anaheim has been one of the best parts of my life! Being able to represent and serve my hometown is one of the greatest opportunities I have ever had. Anaheim is a kind, inviting, and special city! Come along with me, in my vlog, as I have the privilege of showing you around the best city, in the best state. We will see some special places that Miss Anaheim gets to visit, and some special people Miss Anaheim gets to work with, during her year of service. We will stop by some of the world famous stadiums, arenas, and even one very magical theme park, that are all located in the heart of Anaheim. The places I highlight are just a handful of the wonderful spots that are located in the city of Anaheim. I hope you enjoy this vlog as much as I enjoyed traveling through my city to film and showcase it!
Much love, from Anaheim,
J.R. Nessary
Miss Anaheim 2018