Getting to know Katie Wayland Miss Orange 2017

I am a firm believer that the best opportunities present themselves in the least likely of circumstances. In movies and books we can clearly detect foreshadowing, but in life, the characters have no insight in to the plot of their story. We cannot recognize foreshadowing or an opening of a new chapter as it occurs; only afterwards can we trace things back to a point in time when our life story changed in a big way. I myself had one of those moments, six years ago.

Kaite-MissOrange-1The year was 2011. I was a senior in high school, eating at an ice cream shop with two friends. On the wall there was a flyer for a local pageant: Miss City of Orange. Dressed in all black and combat boots, complete with a teenage attitude, I looked opposite the part of a pageant representative. The only logical thing for me to do was to sign up and see what pageant business was all about. After being dared from a friend, I enrolled myself into what has become the most cherished chapter of my life thus far.

You read that right: I did my first pageant on a dare.

Fast forward six years later and I am finally holding in my hands the crown that got me into this crazy adventure. I am so proud to be representing the city my family has called home for seven generations.

Over half a decade of my life has been dedicated to being a part of the Miss America Organization. Had you told me back in 2011 that this is where I would be today, I would have never believed you. God really does work in mysterious ways.

Katie-MissOrange-2Because of my willingness to take a risk, I was introduced to the Miss America Organization and some of the best friends I have ever known. I am confident with the quirks I possess, and I am not afraid to be myself. I am competing for the title of Miss California for the fifth and final time, an organization that has provided me the scholarships to fully fund my entire education on my own. I am forever grateful for what the Miss City of Orange organization has done for me.

Pageants have taught me that you have to be unique to shine on your own. To all the band geeks, daredevils, and quirky young women out there, never lose what makes you unique. Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means that you’re brave enough to be yourself. But, keep your eyes and mind open, because you never know what might change your life.

Miss City of Orange,

Katie Wayland