Got Ag?

Blaire-Bostwick-blog1Hey Ya’ll! Put your boots on, climb in the tractor and hold on tight while I take you through a brief tour of the breadbasket of the world – California’s Central Valley Agricultural Industry!

Did you know that over half of the fruits, veggies, and nuts are grown in our Central Valley? Or how about the fact that the Central Valley is also responsible for over 1/5th of the nation’s dairy supply? No wonder we have our “breadbasket” nickname – we’ve definitely earned it!

I was born and raised in California’s great Central Valley. Growing up county fairs, farm shows, and the World Ag Expo were the highlights of the year bringing hundreds of thousands of people to the valley! Here, you’ll find a dairy around every corner, a crop on every road, and an endless amount of hard work and dedication that is put into our world-renowned agricultural industry.

Blaire-Bostwick-blog2Here in the Central Valley, you won’t find a person in the agricultural industry who doesn’t have their community’s best interest in mind and vise-versa. We understand just how important locally grown products are and will do everything in our power to support our local AG businesses. AG is embedded in all we do. It’s why you’ll find our store filled with locally produced milk and ice cream and “My Job Depends On AG” stickers on all of our cars. It’s why country music is our tune and cowboy boots are our accessories.

As all of us in California are aware, we are still feeling the extreme effects of the drought that has devastated our Golden State. What not all of us may know however is just how severely the drought has affected the Central Valley. Many lost their crops, their livestock, and their businesses were drastically affected. As a community, we have overcome so much, but we have never let anything bring us down. No matter the drought, no matter the heat, no matter the freeze, we are a resilient community of hardworking dairymen, growers, and farmers who will do whatever it takes to put food on your table.Blaire-Bostwick-blog3

I could not be more proud to be a product of the Central Valley and all the hardworking men and women of our agricultural industry who work tirelessly to provide for all of us. Our world depends on AG and I hope we never forget those who provide us with the nutrition we need to make our livelihoods possible. Take time to thank an AG worker and remember the Central Valley whenever you crack open a pistachio or put those strawberries on your ice cream sundae!

Thanks for letting me be your tour guide,
Blaire Bostwick
Miss Central Valley 2017