How To Donate

Sponsorship Opportunities 

Below is a list of the various ways you can give scholarships to our Miss California & Outstanding Teen, as well as our state contestants.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

  • Cash Contributions to Scholarship Associates, Inc.

    Scholarship Associates, Inc. is a volunteer-managed 501 (C) 3 California Corporation, with zero cost of fundraising, or overhead. Since its formation in 1985, Scholarship Associates, Inc. has never issued a check to anyone other than an accredited college or university. Every contributed dollar reaches the end beneficiary 100 cents on the dollar. Scholarship Associates, Inc. was recently re-certified as being in total compliance with United States Internal Revenue Service regulations.

  • Designated Cash Grants

    You can associate a name with the underwriting of a specific scholarship e.g. “Outstanding Interview”, “Outstanding Dance Performance”, Outstanding Vocal Performer.

    Minimum donation $1,000.


  • In-Kind (Tuition Waiver) Scholarships from Colleges or Universities



  • Product Endorsements by Miss California & The Miss California Organization in exchange for a cash contribution to Scholarships Associates, Inc.

    A predetermined number of Miss California personal appearances at special events, corporate meetings and conferences will be agreed upon, determined by the size of the cash scholarship contribution. Miss California will also be available for television, radio, or print advertising. Product exclusivity is guaranteed.

  • DONATED or LOANED products or services

    These are generally provided in connection with Miss California’s preparation for the Miss America competition and/or her use during her year of service.

For Cash Grants, In-Kind Scholarships, Underwriting, and Product Endorsements, Contact:

Patricia Northrup-Murray

President & CEO

Miss California Organization

For Donated or Loaned Products, or Services, Contact:

Chelle Hyde

Miss California Business Manager

(714) 329-7260

* Scholarship Associates is a 501C3 charitable foundation.