Jazmin Avalos is a first-generation Cum Laude graduate from the California State University, Fullerton where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Minor in Chicano studies.  Jazmin now spends time sharing her experience as a first-generation college student to help motivate other students  and prospective college students to focus on their goals.

For more than a decade,  Jazmin has volunteered hundreds of hours with multiple local, national and international nonprofit organizations to share her social impact initiative, Ending Substance Abuse: Motivate, Educate, and Prevent.   Jazmin shares her story of being personally affected by another person’s substance abuse and addition with hopes to inspire others to make responsible decisions that will benefit their futures..  She hosted and participated in various events with Drug Free World Americas, including the President’s Service Awards that were originally intended to be presented at the UN. In May 2021, she recorded an international broadcast with Youth for Human Rights and spoke on the right to education and the relevance of the Miss America Organization. She has collaborated with organizations such as Gangs out of Downey, the 10-20 Club, the LA Mission, Youth for Human Rights, Insight Treatment Centers, and other youth groups.

Jazmin was honored to win the Preliminary Talent Award this year at the Miss California Competition with her vocal performance of “Astonishing”.  Currently, Jazmin works for the Garden Grove Unified School District as a substitute teacher and is a cast member at Disneyland.

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