The beauty of Florence

Jessa Takes on Italy!

After 25 hours of travel, a delayed flight, a layover in Frankfurt, a re-routed flight from Florence to Bologna and a bus frm Bologna, we finally made it to Florence!
I am here in Italy with Judy and Rebecca from the American Pistachio Growers (APG) to represent APG and American grown pistachios at SIGEP, a 5-day trade show, in Rimini. This isn't your typical trade show, it is a gelato, bakery and confection ingredient show!

Jessa and JudyBefore making our way over to Rimini, we enjoyed a couple days exploring other breathtaking cities in Italy. First up was Firenze, aka Florence! The first thing I said when I looked out at the view of my hotel room was WOW. I could not believe how stunning the scenery of the city is. After a day full of playing tourist, I can assure you that my WOW did not fade. From the Basilica di San Croce, walking across the Ponte Vecchio, climbing the Duomo, exploring the old mansion turned museum of the Medici's, enjoying the view of the entire city at the Piazzale Michelangelo, seeing the famous David sculpture in the Galleria dell'Accademi and eating yummy Florentine food, I loved every second of Florence!

The next day of my Italy adventure, we started with a quick train ride to the beautiful city of Bologna. Bologna is full of vibrant colors, more tasty food (of course) and EVEN MORE breathtaking views. My favorite part about my day in Bologna was climbing the famous tower and taking in the view of the entire city and beyond. Let me tell you, w
hen you climb the tower those stairs feel never ending, but when you reach the top it is worth every step!

Jessa in FlorenceTomorrow we will journey over to Rimini and will begin preparing for SIGEP. So far, my time in Italia has been unbelievable and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be an official American Pistachio Growers brand ambassador for my year as Miss California. Thank you for your support and sponsorship of the Miss California Organization, APG! I have had a blast representing your organization and can't wait to share the perfect snack and American grown pistachios with even more of the world.

Caio for now!