Miss Anaheim: Bare Faces Are Beautiful!

Hello Everyone! My name is Julia McCurdie and I am so honored to introduce myself as Miss Anaheim 2015. I am so grateful for the opportunity to appear on this blog, and I thought what better topic to discuss than my platform! When I won my title just under a month ago, it was my fifth time competing, but my first time supporting this cause as my platform. And let me tell you, it just felt so right. This topic is something I connect with so much and feel so passionately about, promoting it has become such a perfect fit for me. My platform mission is “Confidence is Key: Promoting Self-Esteem in Young Women.” Even  just as a contestant before I won my title, I wanted to take steps toward putting my platform into action. So I created a blog (Please check it out at MissAnaheim2015.blogspot.com!), and on it I posted a video that I would love to share with you all today! That's right, today Miss Anaheim is coming at you with a vlog! Continue below for an excerpt from my blog and the inspirational video I created to go with it!

While glamming up our hair and makeup is a fun way to feel “beautiful,” I think it's SO important to understand that your inner beauty shines the brightest regardless! We shouldn't feel the need to hide behind a mask. Being comfortable with your true and natural self is such an important step toward self-acceptance, that I want to find a way to encourage you all to take that step!

Sound like I'm just a lot of talk? Well that's why I wanted to create and share this video with you all. I thought it was a creative look at revealing everything it actually takes to look pageant ready, and showing that I love and accept whats underneath.

If we could all do that it would be so beautiful and liberating. I hope I can inspire you in some small way to give this a try. Don't want to wear makeup to school? You don't have to! Don't want to spend all your hard earned money on hair extensions or products? You don't have to! Our unique qualities are what defines our beauty. It would be a shame to put so much into covering them up…