Miss California’s Midwest Adventures

Despite the negative temperatures, I had such a wonderful time during my Midwest adventures! One of my highlights was definitely getting to spend time with Miss South Dakota. We had a great lunch and she treated me to my first macaroon ever. Then we just spent the rest of our day together hanging out! She showed me around the downtown area, took me to a Midwest coffee chain, and then ran some errands at the mall. I am forever thankful to the Miss America Organization for bringing these wonderful women to my life. The next day, I took a road trip to Minnesota and checked out the Mall of America. It was massive. Absolutely indescribable. I rode a few rides, my favorite being “Fly Over America,” and explored only a fraction of how much mall there is to explore. Come to find out, I missed seeing Miss America by a few hours! She was at the Mall of America that very morning! That was such a bummer! My last day, I planned to explore the falls, only to find them mostly frozen over. However, they were even more beautiful frozen than I can imagine they would be otherwise. All in all, it was a great trip. We’re pretty spoiled here in California, but the Midwest has a certain charm about it that makes it quite appealing.