Miss Northern California Regional- The Power of Dance

“You dance joy, you dance love, you dance dreams.” -Gene Kelly
Hello everyone! My name is Molly Crawford and I am Miss Northern California Regional 2015. I am so privileged to have the opportunity to submit another post on the Miss California Blog. Some of you may have read my first guest blogger post that I wrote last month! If not, click the link and give it a read!
10408954_10206406776749209_6376227223600197533_nIf you’ve taken a look at any of my social media channels, you couldn’t help but notice how dance has continuously influenced my life. From the time I first watched Gene Kelly tap in “Singin’ in the Rain” to deciding how I wanted to go forth in my quest for higher education, dance has been an incredibly prominent source of guidance, support, creative expression and overall spiritual well-being. It’s not everyday a five year old can latch on to an experience that ends up being one of the most centered and balanced parts of their adult lives.
I am lucky enough to have a mother whom raised me to have an imagination big enough to believe that anything was possible. My mother sat me down to watch Gene Kelly perform the title number in “Singin’ in the Rain”, which made me incessantly beg to be put in dance class. Having heard enough of it, she finally took me to Mary Ann’s Dance Center, where I began my training in Jazz, Tap and Tumbling. I trained at Mary Ann’s Dance Center and competed with the Starlite Express Tour Team, up until she passed away of ovarian cancer when I was 10. No one could teach the love and discipline behind what it meant to be a competitive dancer the way Mary Ann could. I was honored enough to perform a duet at her funeral in Santa Clara, which was standing room only, with Miss California’s Outstanding Teen 2010, Shelby Sinkler, back when we were teammates at Mary Ann’s. Seeing the impact Mary Ann had made on all of her dancers and the community she was a part of, I knew from then forward that I wanted to be a professional dance teacher and maybe, one day, be good enough to do dance on my own.
10678641_10206399872256601_7000558398776406442_nOne challenging year after Mary Ann’s passing led me to change studios and try something new. Encompassing the newness in a nut shell of 6-7 years or so, Studio 10 Dance, Children’s Musical Theater of San Jose, the Lincoln Convertibles & the Lincoln High School Dance Department, and competing in the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen program at the local and state levels all began to reshape my perspective on performing, competing and dancing. Studio 10 brought me a new outlook on dance, as taking class with Keith Banks and Nicole Foisy was not like training in a competitive environment, but an opportunity to dance for self improvement, and just plain old fun. Performing in over 12 musicals with CMTSJ, and having the opportunity to develop my acting, singing and performance abilities changed the raw quality of my passion for dance to something deeper. Performing and competing with the Lincoln Convertibles my senior year of high school, as well as having the opportunity to be a Teacher’s Assistant under the direction of Danny George, reminded of what it meant to be a part of a team, and began shaping my path for my future as dance teacher. 10171730_10206037402435082_882712345329332288_nFinally, beginning my journey in the Miss America Organization at the age of 15 expanded the opportunities I had as a dancer, competitor, and young woman trying to develop and improve herself in all aspects of life. Without dance, I wouldn’t have taken many a leap of faith, like singing on stage in front of people, or having the guts to think I could actually win a pageant. I can’t wait to showcase my talent presentation for Miss California 2015 this past June. I quite literally, have been putting my heart and soul into this choreography, with the help of the talented Joce Satterberg.
Check out my talent presentation I choreographed with Lisa Banks for Miss California 2013. It’s a fun, sassy, upbeat jazz number called “Woman”.

Also, take a look at my talent presentation I choreographed with Joce Satterberg for Miss Northern California Regional 2015. This one is a contemporary jazz solo I used called “ I Wanna Dance With Someone”.

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