Miss Santa Clara- My Personal Philosophy

Value the present. Live free of tension, full of love, happiness and laughter. Be a lifelong learner. Embody dedication and uniqueness. Create. 

Hello all! For those of you who have not met me in person or even virtually, my name is Jessa Carmack and I have the great honor of representing the city of Santa Clara this year.

In late 2014-early 2015 I was the Communications Intern for the mobile gaming company who has brought you the popular games FarmVille and Words With Friends, Zynga. During my internship with Zynga I was tasked to create my own personal philosophy. A personal philosophy is your life motto, quote or simply, words that express who you are as a person. It can be one word, five words, ten words, but it cannot be longer than 25 words.

When I first sat down at my computer to write my personal philosophy, I found it very difficult to keep it to 25 words or less. I decided to jot down words that describe myself, characteristics I admire in others and characteristics that I want to live up to. Eventually I came up with my personal philosophy:

Value the present. Live free of tension, full of love, happiness and laughter. Be a lifelong learner. Embody dedication and uniqueness. Create.

JessalaughValue the present. I lead off my personal philosophy with this short statement because I find the present incredibly important. I think a struggle that many individuals have is to stay in their present self. Many times we may let the past or even future get to us and because of this, we are not able to enjoy what is going on in the present moment 100%.

Live free of tension, full of love, happiness and laughter. This sentence is how I’ve always enjoyed living and how I would like to live the rest of my life. Tension and stress are unnecessary factors that creep up in everyday life. It is important to brush these distractions off your shoulder. When you live full of love, happiness and laughter, you will remain in the best version of yourself. The people that love me best know how much I love to laugh 😉

Jessa.sjsuBe a lifelong learner. I find this the most important part of my personal philosophy. I love and embrace learning. Whether it is at school, at work, in a conversation, observing, etc., learning is what I find as the most essential aspect in life. The more I can learn, about anything and everything, the more diverse of a person I can become and the more I can understand the world.

Embody dedication and uniqueness. Dedication is one of my strongest traits that I have always valued. In my life, through dedication, I can do anything. Uniqueness is what sets one person apart from the rest. We are all unique and it is our responsibility to embody it.

Jessa.CreateSpecialMomentsLastly, create. I conclude my personal philosophy with this single word because it is powerful. In every aspect of my life, my goal is to create. For example, through the Miss America Program I would like to create change. Change that will better our world, and specifically with my platform, Building A Healthy Future. In my everyday life I want to create conversations, friendships, smiles, bonds, special moments, volunteerism, pretty much anything that can leave a lasting mark on an individual. If I had to summarize my personal philosophy into one word, it would be- create.

I challenge you to begin thinking of your own personal philosophy. Begin to jot down your initial ideas and eventually it will come together. A very important thing to remember is your personal philosophy is not engraved in stone, as it may evolve alongside of you. Every so often read it and make sure it represents the person you are and want to be. Do not be afraid to change it from time to time. If one day you read it and the words do not reflect who you are anymore, create a new one.

Jessa Carmack

Miss Santa Clara 2015

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