Miss Tustin: My Life in Tustin

Hey everybody! Since I have been able to make a few appearances since my last blog entry, I thought: “What better to talk about as Miss Tustin, than what I do AS Miss Tustin in the city of Tustin!”

I am a born-and-raised Tustinite, so I was SO honored and blessed to have been crowned Miss Tustin, especially after everything this city has done for me. Not only did I go to Preschool, Elementary school, middle school and high school here, but basically my whole life was centered in Tustin. From Girl Scouts to Little League Baseball (with the boys!) to church to volunteering, Tustin was and is my life. So, here are some of the things I have done so far as Miss Tustin.

The Superheroes of Tustin

miss tustinMy very first appearance was at the Superheroes of Tustin luncheon, and the title may sound silly, but it’s not far off. At this luncheon, non-profits, schools, churches and all sorts of committees nominated their most valuable and irreplaceable volunteers. Trust me, the work that these men and women have done is definitely worthy of the title “Superhero”. Some of the people were even volunteering with the luncheon to set it up, not knowing that they were being honored that day! Performing here in front of these amazing men and women, and getting to interact with them and learn what they are doing for Tustin was such an amazing experience, and it was such a great start to my year.

The Boys and Girls Club Mixer

IMG_2955I also got the chance to visit the Boys and Girls Club of Tustin. This was so fun for two reasons. One: I got to see all of the amazing work that our kids are doing here, especially since our club just got a grant from Chick-Fil-A to get brand new computers and iPads for the kids. And two: I was able to acquaint myself with the members of the Tustin Chamber of Commerce, because they were sponsoring this event. What was really great to see, is that almost half of the TCC members that were there, were at the Superheroes of Tustin luncheon being honored, and that goes to show how involved Tustin is. Plus the kids were so great, and even gave me a tour of the whole place! (They had an animal room and oh my gosh the chinchilla was so cute and soft, and I got to hold a tarantula!)

The 46th Annual Tustin Easter Egg Hunt

miss tustin eehFinally on Saturday, I was able to help out at our local Easter Egg Hunt! What was really fun, is that up until I think I was 10, I participated in the Easter Egg Hunt EVERY year. It was so surreal being able to see all these adorable little children running around, having a great time, and me being able to be a part of it. I love working with kids, and being able to watch them have fun, and play games with them was so great. Especially knowing that someday, they might remember me or my crown and say that they want to participate in the Miss Tustin pageant one day too! Thank you so much for reading!