More News From Italy!

Caio from Italia!
Three days of SIGEP are in the books and we have two more to go. The American Pistachio Growers and I have been hard at work for three days spreading awareness of California grown pistachios to the trade show attendees of all nationalities! We have had hundreds of people stop by our booth wanting to sample our pistachios. After they enjoy a taste they are shocked that they came from California. There has been a hug16176504_10155247134868455_1218393148_ne interest of placing an order for our American grown pistachios. It has been a very successful three days if you ask me!

When you walk in to SIGEP you are exposed to gelato heaven. I cannot believe how many gelato businesses are in the industry! Every business is sampling and giving out free gelato, which of course means I have been tasting more gelato than I ever thought I would. Good thing I am a fan of exercise and fitness ? 16176374_10155247134578455_865515547_n

From the sections of the convention center that I have walked around, I have not noticed another American company other than
American Pistachio Growers. I am very proud to be a brand ambassador for an association that has the drive and
wants to spread their brand and product world wide. Even though it may be challenging at times to communicate because of the language barrier, every person who has tasted our pistachios has said. “Yum! Yes, very very good!” 16325473_10155255389988455_317925507_oMy days have been full of explaining “Pistacci California,” taking photos with very friendly people, speaking small phrases of Italian and spending time with the amazing APG staff. Now it is time to get some rest and get ready for two more days in Rimini!
Buona notte,