About Us

We believe in the dreams of young women, and · with great care, that those dreams can flower beyond expectation. California is the home of prosperity, the true heartland of America. Our state’s beauty grows as strong as the crops in our fields, and the spirit of our young women mirrors the beauty of our land. The California ideal of beauty includes dignity, courage, intelligence, talent and kindness. The Miss California Organization energizes these qualities, empowering women with the drive and values necessary to fuel positive growth.

The Miss California Scholarship Organization fosters opportunities including access to higher education, broader knowledge of the world, and enriching personal experiences. We maintain a strong organization devoted to providing scholarship assistance and creating an atmosphere with its roots in strong values. We serve our contestants and teach them to serve the world.

We are proud to call Central California the home of our competition and proud to associate ourselves with the very people who make California prosper. California Agriculture and Miss California has something special in common – we grow beauty.

The Miss California Scholarship Organization is a volunteer based 501c(3) non-profit organization which was founded in 1924. As the Official State Final to Miss America, the Miss California Organization has awarded more than $6 million in cash and academic scholarships Miss California Organization | since the competition made its home in Fresno in 1990. Nurturing an ideal of beauty that includes dignity, courage, intelligence, creative talent and kindness, the successful contestants demonstrate a genuine commitment to serving others. Every year the Miss California’s Outstanding Teen and Miss California contestants make significant contributions to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by raising funds and spreading awareness throughout the state. To learn more, visit misscalifornia.org.