2015 Results

Miss California

Bree Morse

$12,000 scholarship

Miss California's Outstanding Teen

Avery Grooms

$2,500 scholarship

1st Runner Up, Izamar Olaguez, Miss Yosemite Valley– $6,000 scholarship
2nd Runner Up, Ashley Ott, Miss City of Sacramento– $4,500 scholarship
3rd Runner Up, Diamond Alexander, Miss San Diego– $3,500 scholarship
4th Runner Up, Felicia Stiles, Miss San Francisco– $3,000 scholarship

Remaining Top 15 contestants

$1,750 scholarship

Kimberly Bebo, Miss San Fernando Valley
Julia McCurdie, Miss Anaheim
Juliana Johnson, Miss Bay Counties
Emma Andreini, Miss East Los Angeles
Joell Posey Grager, Miss Hollywood
Jessa Carmack, Miss Santa Clara
Vivian Tang, Miss Covina
Molly Crawford, Miss Northern California Regional
Madison Givens, Miss Inland Empire
Caylynn Simonson, Miss Orange County

Talent Preliminary Winners

$500 scholarship

Miss Yosemite Valley, Izamar Olaguez
Miss San Francisco, Felicia Stiles
Miss Orange County, Caylynn Simonson
Miss Yorba Linda, Cheyenne Kotick
Miss Covina, Vivian Tang

Evening Wear Preliminary Winners

$300 scholarship

Miss City of Sacramento, Ashley Ott
Miss Yosemite Valley, Izamar Olaguez
Miss Yorba Linda, Cheyenne Kotick
Miss Inland Empire, Madison Givens

Swimsuit Preliminary Winners

Recognition Plaque

Miss San Francisco, Felicia Stiles
Miss Santa Clara, Jessa Carmack
Miss City of Sacramento, Ashley Ott
Miss North Valley Regional, Morgan Edwards

Nonfinalist Talent Award

$500 scholarship

Cheyenne Kotick, Miss Yorba Linda
Jillian Smith, Miss Los Angeles County
Melissa Bowling, Miss Silicon Valley
Carley Ryckman, Miss Sierra Nevada
Missy Mendoza, Miss Anaheim Hills

Special Achievement Awards

Miss America Community Service Award- $1,000 Scholarship
Miss Orange County, Caylynn Simonson

Community Service Honorable Mention
To Be Announced

Miss America Academic Award- $1,000 Scholarship
Miss Marin County, Isabelle Gardner

Miss California Academic Award- $500 Scholarship
To Be Announced

Outstanding Interview- $1,000 scholarship
Miss San Diego, Diamond Alexander

Honorable Mention Interview
To Be Announced

Outstanding Talent- $1,000 scholarship
To Be Announced

Leni Arnhym Classical Performance Award- $500 scholarship
To Be Announced

Children's Miracle Network Miracle Maker
Miss Sierra Nevada, Carley Ryckman

Miss Congeniality
Miss Orange Coast, Bree Morse

Social Marketing Award- $500 scholarship
Miss Napa County, Hazel Payne

1st Runner Up, Miss Hollywood's Outstanding Teen Cassandra Bateman– $1000 scholarship
2nd Runner Up, Miss Elk Grove's Outstanding Teen Nikki Holbrook– $750 scholarship
3rd Runner Up, Miss National Orange Show's Outstanding Teen Madison Malone– $500 scholarship
4th Runner Up, Miss San Diego's Outstanding Teen, McKenna Faydo– $300 scholarship

Remaining Top 12 Contestants

$200 scholarship

Miss Central California Regional's Outstanding Teen, Chelsea Vuong
Miss Contra Costa's Outstanding Teen, Hannah Rose
Miss Woodland Hills' Outstanding Teen, Elizabeth Sams
Miss Anaheim Hills' Outstanding Teen, Danielle Deweese
Miss Kings County's Outstanding Teen, Garin Harris
Miss Ventura County's Outstanding Teen, Hayley Hunt
Miss Sacramento County's Outstanding Teen, Violet Joy Hansen

Talent Preliminary Winners

$100 scholarship

Miss Contra Costa County's Outstanding Teen, Hannah Rose
Miss Sierra Nevada’s Outstanding Teen, Avery Grooms
Miss Anaheim’s Outstanding Teen, Danielle Deweese

Evening Gown/On Stage Question Preliminary Winners

$100 scholarship

Miss Elk Grove’s Outstanding Teen, Nikki Holbrook
Miss City of Sacramento's Outstanding Teen, Mackenzie Starnes
Miss National Orange Show's Outstanding Teen, Madison Malone

Special Awards

Top Interview $250 scholarship Miss National Orange Show's Outstanding Teen Madison Malone, Miss Woodland Hills' Outstanding Teen Elizabeth Sams

Scholastic Achievement $250 scholarship Miss Central California Regional's Outstanding Teen Chelsea Vuong

Miss Congeniality Miss Placentia's Outstanding Teen Ashley Nelson, Miss Hollywood's Outstanding Teen, Cassandra Bateman, Miss Bay Counties' Outstanding Teen Jane Faull

Community Service $250 scholarship Miss City of Sacramento's Outstanding Teen Mackenzie Starnes

Donna Jones Dance Award $250 scholarship Miss Contra Costa County's Outstanding Teen Hannah Rose

Social Marketing Award $500 scholarship Miss Garden Grove's Outstanding Teen Josie Pearce

People's Choice Miss Kings County's Outstanding Teen Garin Harris

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