Local Contestants can meet Miss America 2018 this June in Fresno!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We have now crowned all of our titleholders for 2017.  Congratulations to those that are already a part of the Class of 2018.

For those of you who have participated in a local but didn’t take home the crown, you have an opportunity to meet and greet with Miss America 2018 Cara Mund and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Jessica Baeder.  They are both coming to the competition in Fresno this June and we are creating an event for just our local contestants.  This will be your chance to be one on one with the women who have the job(s) you aspire to obtain.  It is truly a once in a lifetime chance.  Local contestants can also earn tickets to the Miss California Finals and the Invitation Only President’s Reception.  You can drive up to Fresno, meet Miss America, come to the President’s Reception and then sit in excellent seats for the finals.

There are opportunities for our Titleholders of the Class of 2018 to create their own section of the Competition Magazine and our Princesses to have a Tea with Miss America and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen.  Read the packet below and watch the video for all the details!!

Miss-California-Ad-Page-Booklet 2018

Take a look and I hope to see you in Fresno in June!

Patricia Murray, Miss California ED

Miss Garden Grove- DUI Prevention and Awareness

MissGG2Every 90 seconds someone is injured from driving under the influence. Every 53 minutes, someone is killed. Yes, that is over 350,000 injuries and nearly 10,000 deaths each year due to driving under the influence.

Being Miss Garden Grove 2017 has allowed me to open up the conversation with community members, elected officials, and constituents about my personal platform- Prevention and Awareness of Driving Under the Influence. Six years ago my family suffered a loss that spurred me to become an advocate for DUI prevention. My cousin was under the influence of alcohol when he decided to ride a friend’s motorcycle with no helmet on. He crashed and was immediately pronounced brain dead. A huge mistake that cost him his life and left our family with a void that will never be replaced. One of the most powerful things I can do is to share my family’s story and educate the community about this prevalent issue.

This year, I have partnered with the Garden Grove Police Department in an effort to educate people about the dangers and consequences of driving under the influence. I attended a DUI Checkpoint, hosted by GGPD, and learned one very important thing. The purpose of a checkpoint isn’t just to catch intoxicated drivers, but to educate drivers about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, prescription medication, and marijuana. In an effort to reduce the number of fatalities in the community, the City and GGPD released a Fatality Campaign. You can click the link to see the PSA, and you just might see someone familiar.

MissGG1Throughout the remainder of my year, I will speak to a variety of classrooms in the Garden Grove Unified School District, non-profit organizations, and college campus Greek Life programs about my platform while continuing to raise funds for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Stay tuned within the next couple of months as I release a series of PSAs sharing my experience with spreading the message of my platform! It is with sincere hopes that this conversation will continue to help educate and save lives from driving under the influence.

-Missy Garden Grove

100 days as Miss California 2016

Wow. 100 days as Miss California. The past 100 days have been a whirlwind. A whirlwind full of priceless memories, unbeatable experiences and incredible people. Let me break down these 100 days for you, starting from July 2nd.


crowning-by-doug-hikawaJuly 2nd, 2016 is when it all began. After a week of fun in Fresno with 48 women that all would serve as an exceptional Miss California, it all came down to one moment. The moment when I found myself as one of the final three contestants left on the William Saroyan Theatre stage, waiting to hear the judge’s selection of Miss California 2016. Then it happened, Kira Kazantsev, Miss America 2015, announced me as the new Miss California. Immediately the feelings of shock and excitement rushed in and I knew that all of my hard work preparing for the competition had paid off and my seven-year journey in the Miss America Organization was coming full circle. With a new shiny accessory and $22,300 in scholarship money, which means no more student loan debt, I was (and still am) so grateful that the judges put their trust in me to represent the Miss California Organization for an entire year.


liliana-footwearThe day after the crowning, still running off of adrenaline, I immediately sat down to begin my paperwork, and essentially my preparation for Miss America. Next, I spent a few days in Northern California for the annual RWC 4th of July parade and celebration in Redwood City. Then I was on my way to Orange, California to relocate with my host family, the lovely Harris’. For eight weeks my days were action-packed, full of meetings with our Miss California sponsors, gathering essentials for Miss America, meeting new people, practicing my new talent routine, traveling and making appearances. One of the highlights of my prep was my family and friends “sending me off” to Miss America at my send-off party in my hometown, Santa Clara. In those eight weeks I took 10 flights, travelled over 22,000 miles, stayed in 5 hotel rooms and drove 4 different cars. It was exhilarating!


core-artsI was in pristine hands in my first weeks as Miss California. Patricia Murray, Russ Gladden, Donna Jones, Sherry Cain, Connie Oliver and the rest of the Miss California board of directors and leadership made sure I was more than 100% ready to take on my time in Atlantic City.

Not only did I have the support of the Miss California leadership, but I was also lucky to have the support of so many phenomenal sponsors! Core Arts Pilates bricsworked me into tiptop shape for the Miss America stage. The Pink Door Salon made sure my hair looked like silk. Tamara’s Skin Care and DMK had my skin glowing like it never had before. Linda Ontiveros showered me with makeup to compliment the glowing skin Tamara gave me. Dale Carnegie Orange County gave me tips on how to communicate with diplomacy and tact. Haute Shot by Shana and Makeup by Maskara did a phenomenal job of capturing my Miss America headshot. BeachCandy Swimwear guaranteed my Miss America swimsuit fit just right. Eva Varro, Paige Denim, Lorna Jane and Liliana Footwear gifted me with the perfect pieces for my Miss California and Miss America wardrobe. Mia Bella Couture and Jovani created my stunning and ideal Miss America Evening Gown. Savinar Luggage and Brics USA provided me with a BEAUTIFUL 5-piece luggage set so I could travel to Atlantic City in style.

I am incredibly thankful and grateful for these businesses and their support of our organization.


miss-america-shotsThe time had finally come. My bags were packed and I was off to Atlantic City for 14 days, where I would bond with 51 unbelievable women and compete for the job of a lifetime. We toured Atlantic City, embraced the humidity, rehearsed for hours at a time, slept in unusual places, filmed in a hurricane, danced to no music, ate too much dessert, formed sister-like friendships, laughed at everything and competed in this thing called Miss America. I am so grateful to have placed in the Top 10 out of what started as 8,000 women across the country. But, most importantly, I am grateful for $7,000 toward my higher education, the experience only very few people get to have and for the friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

arrival-ceremonyThe PEOPLE

building-a-healthy-futureAlong this 100-day journey, I met some of the most impressive, accomplished, caring, giving and selfless people. My absolute favorites out of the bunch were the children. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and share #BuildingAHealthyFuture with nearly 3,000 children at schools, daycares, boys & girls clubs, children’s hospitals, appearances and youth programs.

One of the many reasons why I wanted to serve as Miss California was to share my story and message with the youth and see their faces light up when they see the sparkly “hat” I sport. These are my favorite moments.



lincoln-memorialBeing Miss California, I feel like I am Miss America! I have been able to travel our country and our diverse state in the last couple of months. Some of my travels have included Washington D.C., New York, Orlando, Atlantic City, Northern California, Southern California, Fresno a couple of times and my latest adventure in Blythe! It is my goal as Miss California to travel to as many cities in California as possible and meet as many people as I can. We Californians are lucky and extremely fortunate to live in a state that has so much to offer, including a unique, diverse population of people.


The night I was crowned Miss California, I stated in my speech at the gala that I will live my year by my personal philosophy: Value the present. Live free of tension, full of love, happiness and laughter. Be a lifelong learner, Embody dedication and uniqueness. Create.

For 100 days I have reminded myself of this philosophy and have embraced every day with these words and will continue to do so.

Throughout every venture in my life I have always strived to #BeExtraordinary. No matter what you are doing, where you are going or who you are with, I believe that you should always have the goal to be extraordinary. My mission as Miss California 2016 is to share this with California. This is what I want my legacy to be.


It has only been 100 days, but I have already made memories that I will cherish forever and accomplished so many things that I wanted to accomplish as Miss California. My year doesn’t stop here. I will continue to travel our state and country, meet as many people as possible, advocate a healthy future for our youth, share the Miss America Organization and strive to be an extraordinary Miss California. I cannot wait for the rest of the year ahead of me. Adventures are coming! Stay tuned!



Miss California 2016

You can book Jessa for an appearance by visiting our Book Miss California page.

Miss Northern California- Beyond Beauty for Girls

10430884_1024805167547916_6273712213128090267_nHello again! For those of you haven’t seen my previous guest blogs, my name is Molly Crawford and I am Miss Northern California Regional 2015. I am so grateful to have the opportunity, yet again, to share with the Miss California social media community! Click the links below to take a look at my other posts and get to know me a little better.

One of the greatest parts of competing in the Miss America Organization is the element of service that is constantly fulfilled with the journey each contestant takes in advocacy for a service platform, that is usually near and dear to her heart. The nation wide platform for our program is the Children’s Miracle Network (have you 11070796_10206524385889364_6409944474216505151_n-1ordered your Miracle Band yet?!), which all of the titleholders and contestants raise money for in their efforts on the #Road2MissA. I spent a morning at Children’s Hospital Oakland, in honor of the inaugural Miss America Serves Day, where I had the opportunity to see these fundraising efforts in action. Watching the fundraising efforts of the Miss America Organization come to fruition, encompassing all important aspects of the “make a difference” concept that the platform element encourages, and spending time with the patients and my Miss California sisters, are all valuable and humbling experiences, that helped inspire me to make my own change.
In the summer before I started high school, I struggled with body image issues, which lead to an eating disorder that I hid from everyone. As a 14 year old, I did not know how to rise above the opinions of others and took matters into my own hands, landing me in the emergency room, with a tube in my arm, that re-nourished the huge nutritional deficit I inflicted upon myself. My dance career was put on hold and at risk. I spent the first semester of my freshman year in independent study to fully recover and regain physical and mental strength. I felt hopeless, lost, ugly and like no one could understand this constant battle of looking in the mirror every day, and being repulsed by what I saw. The loneliness, frustration, and sadness took a toll that occasionally still haunts me today. This experience also helped inspire me to make my own change.
298219_10200930813013538_1738026875_n“Beyond Beauty for Girls” was founded by Miss Maryland 2010, Lindsay Staniszewski, and has set out on a mission to end negative self fat talk, and to crush the stereotype media today has placed on what it means to be beautiful. Since 2013, I’ve had the opportunity to be a California Ambassador with this organization, using the titles I’ve had with the MAO as a vehicle to make these concerns heard. The way young women see themselves, especially in stages of development like middle and high school, is so incredibly important. Being an advocate for self love and acceptance has challenged me to develop my own insecurities into something positive and raw. Taking the opportunities to speak about self esteem issues with the Girl Scouts, special needs and education programs, and within my own community and home, has helped me be the change I want to see in the world. The Miss America Organization gave me the courage to speak up, be heard, and make a difference, if not on a grand scale of the masses, definitely for the 14 year old me who looked in the mirror and had no hope to feel beautiful, strong, or comfortable in her own skin.
Join me in the #BeyondBeauty movement! Tag us in your most beautiful moments on social media! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @MissNorCalRegional
Molly Crawford
Miss Northern California Regional

Heroes Do Not Always Wear Capes: Sometimes They Wear Camo

Hello everyone! It’s Madison – Miss Inland Empire – here again. When I signed up to write this blog I had a different topic in mind but after my Memorial Day weekend, I have decided to take my blog in a different direction. Hopefully you enjoy it!

10421384_799216216860298_7371693171326213168_nI am no stranger to the sacrifices our military makes, I was born and raised in the United States of America and grew up with a Grandfather who served in the Air Force long before my time. I always understood why we should support and be proud of our military but when my Grandpa suddenly passed away, I was 6 years old, I was devastated. I, did however, find consolation in the memorial service my family held for him. He was buried in a National Cemetery and my grandmother received the American flag in remembrance of him and the dedication he had for his country. Even though my family history embraced serving in the military, I never really comprehended the magnitude of holidays such as Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day, and more recently Memorial Day.

10986427_799216133526973_9083342562060118721_nThis Memorial Day weekend, I spent the day at the Riverside National Cemetery where I experienced my first flag placing ceremony. Myself along with a couple thousand other people placed 186,000 flags – one on the tombstone of every hero who was laid to rest in that cemetery. About an hour into placing flags I found myself overcome with emotion, I was reading the names on every stone that I placed a flag and I couldn’t help but think about the family that soldier left behind to dedicate his life to his country. I can never pay back the sacrifices these soldiers make.

11111621_799215980193655_9159713188601339586_nI have celebrated and honored 21 Memorial Days in my lifetime but I never truly understood exactly what we, as a country, were celebrating. Of course I knew it was to honor our fallen soldiers but now I see it as paying tribute to heroes. Heroes that gave everything so that I can wake up and go to school, or type this blog, or speak my mind without any form of persecution.

11138663_799215856860334_5155502178354211771_nThis was also the first Memorial Day where I was unable to contact some of my friends in the military (due to training/deployment) to thank them for their service. Having friends so close to me make such a massive sacrifice astonishes me. My friends in the Armed Forces are some of the most selfless people I am blessed to know. I am thankful that all my friends have, so far, come home but so many of their comrades have not. For the ones who do not come home I now understand that they would not want us to mourn but to live the dream they died fighting for.

IMG_3964So in closing, I want to thank Mary (the Flag Placing Ceremony coordinator) for allowing me to partake in such a humbling, beautiful, and wonderful experience. For everyone who has a friend or loved on in the service please call them, hug them, and most importantly thank them. For those of you who are mourning the loss of a hero, please know that they were not laid to rest in vain; but that I am thankful for their sacrifice everyday, and can only continue to honor the life they lived for it took an amazing person to give of themselves so selflessly, for what is truly the greatest nation in the world.

See you next time,


Miss Inland Empire 2015




Miss Santa Clara- My Personal Philosophy

Value the present. Live free of tension, full of love, happiness and laughter. Be a lifelong learner. Embody dedication and uniqueness. Create. 

Hello all! For those of you who have not met me in person or even virtually, my name is Jessa Carmack and I have the great honor of representing the city of Santa Clara this year.

In late 2014-early 2015 I was the Communications Intern for the mobile gaming company who has brought you the popular games FarmVille and Words With Friends, Zynga. During my internship with Zynga I was tasked to create my own personal philosophy. A personal philosophy is your life motto, quote or simply, words that express who you are as a person. It can be one word, five words, ten words, but it cannot be longer than 25 words.

When I first sat down at my computer to write my personal philosophy, I found it very difficult to keep it to 25 words or less. I decided to jot down words that describe myself, characteristics I admire in others and characteristics that I want to live up to. Eventually I came up with my personal philosophy:

Value the present. Live free of tension, full of love, happiness and laughter. Be a lifelong learner. Embody dedication and uniqueness. Create.

JessalaughValue the present. I lead off my personal philosophy with this short statement because I find the present incredibly important. I think a struggle that many individuals have is to stay in their present self. Many times we may let the past or even future get to us and because of this, we are not able to enjoy what is going on in the present moment 100%.

Live free of tension, full of love, happiness and laughter. This sentence is how I’ve always enjoyed living and how I would like to live the rest of my life. Tension and stress are unnecessary factors that creep up in everyday life. It is important to brush these distractions off your shoulder. When you live full of love, happiness and laughter, you will remain in the best version of yourself. The people that love me best know how much I love to laugh 😉

Jessa.sjsuBe a lifelong learner. I find this the most important part of my personal philosophy. I love and embrace learning. Whether it is at school, at work, in a conversation, observing, etc., learning is what I find as the most essential aspect in life. The more I can learn, about anything and everything, the more diverse of a person I can become and the more I can understand the world.

Embody dedication and uniqueness. Dedication is one of my strongest traits that I have always valued. In my life, through dedication, I can do anything. Uniqueness is what sets one person apart from the rest. We are all unique and it is our responsibility to embody it.

Jessa.CreateSpecialMomentsLastly, create. I conclude my personal philosophy with this single word because it is powerful. In every aspect of my life, my goal is to create. For example, through the Miss America Program I would like to create change. Change that will better our world, and specifically with my platform, Building A Healthy Future. In my everyday life I want to create conversations, friendships, smiles, bonds, special moments, volunteerism, pretty much anything that can leave a lasting mark on an individual. If I had to summarize my personal philosophy into one word, it would be- create.

I challenge you to begin thinking of your own personal philosophy. Begin to jot down your initial ideas and eventually it will come together. A very important thing to remember is your personal philosophy is not engraved in stone, as it may evolve alongside of you. Every so often read it and make sure it represents the person you are and want to be. Do not be afraid to change it from time to time. If one day you read it and the words do not reflect who you are anymore, create a new one.

Jessa Carmack

Miss Santa Clara 2015

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Also, follow me on Instagram @MissSantaClara & Twitter @MissSantaClara to stay up to date with my year and my preparation for Miss California 2015!

The Key to Living a Peaceful Life: Organization

258x10 PrintI’m Taylor Coloka, Miss Clovis 2015. Being a pageant titleholder in the Miss America Organization means so much more than simply wearing a crown. Titleholders have very busy schedules including going to school, work, eating healthy, exercising, volunteering and, of course, preparing for Miss California. For me personally, I learned time management and staying organized early. I became a professional NFL cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers and began my first semester of college in the same year, in addition to teaching dance classes and starting my own freelance photography business. Organization is the only way to be successful in every activity I participate in. Us pageant girls are not the ONLY busy bees, so I have some tips to make YOUR life more peaceful and organized!

1. Planner
The easiest way to keep track of every activity is to use a planner. It ensures you will never forget an important date and holds you accountable to complete tasks. Write everything down! Even if you have a busy schedule, keeping a planner will take the stress off. Planners will help you accomplish goals by forcing you to make the most of your time and allowing you to visually see where you have available time to gets things done. A way to clearly categorize all tasks is by color-coding. I have a different color for each category and underline the task accordingly. Here is a sample week of my planner


2. Weekly Schedule for Workouts and Meals
We’ve all heard (and maybe used) the excuse “I don’t have time to workout”. The key to having a consistent exercise routine is MAKING time, rather than FINDING time. If you create a schedule for the week and plan your workouts, you are more likely to stick with it and reach your goals. To ensure you also maintain a healthy diet, I encourage planning and preparing your meals ahead of time. Choose foods that you enjoy that also nourish your body. If you have healthy food prepared, you can never be in a rush and be forced to grab fast food. You will always have your food ready when you are! Here is a sample exercise and meal tracker for a week:
Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.24.43 PM
3. Make Lists
It is important to write down of all the tasks needing to be completed. I prefer to make daily to-do lists, but you can make weekly as well if that works for you! I separate my to-do list into categories. In the sample, I included work, school, home and Miss California preparation. Create categories that apply to your life and prioritize each list starting with the most important to the least important.
Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.24.27 PM
Taylor Coloka,
Miss Clovis 2015

Miss Silicon Valley- The Final Countdown

April 16, 2015: Exactly one month until I don an extremely stylish cap and gown, walk across a platform, and receive confirmation that I will be receiving a piece of paper, in the mail in about 6 months, that says I have completed my undergraduate education. Now, I will be 24 years old when this happens, which means I did not start right after high school at 18.

11165990_1071525946195175_1258071723_nGraduating high school, like most of my classmates, I had NO idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. I knew that I loved working with kids but didn’t really know what path of education I wanted to take. I also knew that I was not ready to leave home quite yet and knew that a four-year university would be very expensive. So I started at one of my local junior colleges. Scholarship I received from the Miss Santa Clara Auxiliary and the Miss California’s Outstanding Teen Organization helped me pay for classes while I was there, which helped a lot. I had many moments of doubt and frustration. My mom, who did not go to college, told me I had to stay in school and not give up. However, my dad did graduate from college, after seven tough years. He understood the struggle to keep going and stay motivated enough to do it. He assured me that I always had the option to stop going to college, but would have to work and start paying for things. I really think that having this option and his patience and support really helped get me on the right road. I’m not saying my mom wasn’t supportive, she just knows the regret of not going to college and didn’t want me to be in the same position as she is now. My parents have both always supported me and knew I had to make 11158193_1071524516195318_1036985890_nthe decision for myself. And I finally did. I got a plan together and finished in three years with my AA degree in Psychology and certificate in Sociology. In the middle of those years, I was Miss Santa Clara 2010. During my time as Miss Santa Clara, I gained more confidence, interview skills, and was truly changed by being surrounded by so many incredibly educated and driven women at Miss California. I saw the opportunities that I had at my feet and had help from the amazing scholarships from the Miss California Organization to continue my education.

I never had a dream school. I actually found my university unexpectedly. I was in Monterey for some races and noticed we were driving through what looked like a college town. I looked it up and there it was–California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB). I immediately looked at their list of majors and found a very interesting and comprehensive degree that encompassed all of my interests. Ready for the name? It’s a mouthful…Collaborative Health and Human Services (CHHS), with a concentration option in Social Work. I took a risk and only applied there. Luckily, I got in! Or did I? Come to find out, the school’s computer system had accidently admitted a handful of students when it shouldn’t have. My admittance was revoked. After many calls, some more doubting, and lots of waiting, I was admitted again and this time it was real. I moved out of my parents’ house in Santa Clara and in to my first apartment in Seaside, down the street from school. At this time, I was 21 and definitely more ready to be on my own and start my years as a “grown up” than I would have been at 18.

11149230_1071520819529021_1964053494_nI look back at my last three years at CSUMB and I have grown so much, lost all of the doubt I had, learned more than I could have ever imagined, and had fun the whole time. I never dreaded going to classes. I found what I am passionate about and now see the light at the end of this long educational tunnel that started after high school. Six years in school seems like a lifetime when you start, but now that I am one month away from being done with it, it went by too fast! I am hoping to attend graduate school next year and get my Masters in Social Work and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I work with the older adult population now and love it. I would have never had the opportunity to work where I am now if I hadn’t chosen to stick it out and continue with my higher education.

There’s not always a yellow brick road to follow, but I’ve always liked to make my own path anyway.

Yours truly, Melissa Bowling

Miss Silicon Valley

Miss Inland Empire- Women in STEM

Hi again! For those of you who did not get a chance to read my first blog, let me re-introduce myself, I am Madison Givens, Miss Inland Empire and I am so excited to be blogging for the second time.

Science has limitless possibilities and endless discoveries. In the words of Carl Sagan, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

FullSizeRenderI recently started my third quarter of college classes this year and I am taking a heavy course load in science and mathematics. One thing I noticed is that being a female, in the biochemistry department of my school is scarce. This has caused me to reflect on the STEM program and our former Miss California 2013, Crystal Lee’s platform of Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). I was fortunate enough to have been encouraged to follow my passion and enter the sciences at a young age, but many young girls do not have the same opportunity that I was given.

I met a “nutty professor” on one particular field trip with my school during my 8th grade studies. We went on a four-day intensive academic retreat to a university. I experienced the opportunity to sample college life complete with intriguing classes, enlightened professors, crazy students, diverse dorms and a cafeteria filled with food that my mother never let me eat.

I clearly remember a science class and a unique professor who reminded me of, Doc Brown, from Back to the Future. He had the hair of Albert Einstein, the brain of Sir Isaac Newton and the passion of Leonardo Da Vinci. He had tie-dyed his lab coat and incorporated himself into his experiments. His eccentricity is the reason why his class was so intriguing. I remember him blowing things up and setting things on fire through spontaneous combustion; he even used common household items to show the difference in the types of friction.

Explosion after explosion, I became increasingly fascinated with the world of science this mad professor transported me to. This crazy science lab taught me that science is never black and white; it will never fit into a “cookie cutter” shape.

During this four-day retreat I realized that science was the subject for me. As my studies continued I found that science went far beyond the humor of that professor. My honors Anatomy and Physiology teacher, Mrs. Stevens, taught me that science is not just a matter of chemical reactions occurring in a confined lab, but something that infiltrates everyday life. Science encompasses, the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown.

The one thing that both these professors taught me is that science (or any other currently male dominated subject) is something for everyone, the subject matter cannot, and does not, discriminate, therefore, we should be allowing all children to have the opportunity to experience what I did. In order to interest young women in pursuing male dominated career fields we must first allow them to experiment and experience science, technology, engineering, and mathematics first hand and we need to be supporting these types of programs at a young age.

IMG_3239Had it not been for those opportunities and those two professors I may never have felt encouraged to enter the field of science. In conclusion, had it not been for Crystal and the Miss America Organization then the doubts I felt about my scientific path might have taken the upper hand and I would not have had the empowerment and encouragement from accomplished women, that I look up to, in this wonderful organization.

Thanks for reading!


Miss Inland Empire 2015

Miss Tustin: My New Sisters

Hey everybody, I’m Miss Tustin,  Danielle Weniger and you may recognize me from some previous blog entries. But I wanted to write today because I wanted to share my experiences from orientation this weekend!

image5Coming to Fresno, I had no idea what to expect, since Miss Tustin was my first pageant ever. However, walking away on Sunday (or driving away and passing out in the car) I couldn’t help thinking about all the fun I had, all the amazing titleholders, teens, executive directors and Miss California staff that I met. Now, I honestly can’t wait for June!

image3Over the course of this weekend, I had two goals. Well three, if you count having a great time and learning some stuff. But 1) was to take a selfie with every contestant. And 2) was to give everybody a bow. That might sound a little weird, but one of my favorite hobbies is crafting! I actually spent about 4 hours over the week making 57 bows, and I THINK I got one to everybody, which makes me insanely happy. Now for #missamericaserves, after I volunteer at a local charity called Operation Warm Wishes with their reading day (perfect for the theme of literacy!!) I will be starting to make as many bows, headbands and other cute accessories for girls at the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in Orange.

image1 (1)Another goal I had, was to learn every contestant’s name. With the prevalence of social media, I practically knew all these girls already! So after about a month of (not stalking) looking at their Facebooks and Instagrams, I felt that I already knew everybody. It was so surreal to finally meet all these amazing women, and now I am so happy to call them my Miss California Sisters.

image4Whether I was taking selfies with them, eating lunch together, standing in line for coffee (or one of the many workshops) or even waiting on the elevator with them, I practically fell in love with all of these girls and what they stand for. After talking with them and getting to know them, I feel like a new chapter of my life is beginning, and I cannot wait to continue it in June!

Thank you so much for reading, and I urge you to read more about these wonderful ladies on the Miss California Blog, because you will be amazed with the amount of talent, service and all-around amazingness that fills the Miss California Class of 2015!

-Danielle Weniger, Miss Tustin