Miss Garden Grove- DUI Prevention and Awareness

MissGG2Every 90 seconds someone is injured from driving under the influence. Every 53 minutes, someone is killed. Yes, that is over 350,000 injuries and nearly 10,000 deaths each year due to driving under the influence.

Being Miss Garden Grove 2017 has allowed me to open up the conversation with community members, elected officials, and constituents about my personal platform- Prevention and Awareness of Driving Under the Influence. Six years ago my family suffered a loss that spurred me to become an advocate for DUI prevention. My cousin was under the influence of alcohol when he decided to ride a friend’s motorcycle with no helmet on. He crashed and was immediately pronounced brain dead. A huge mistake that cost him his life and left our family with a void that will never be replaced. One of the most powerful things I can do is to share my family’s story and educate the community about this prevalent issue.

This year, I have partnered with the Garden Grove Police Department in an effort to educate people about the dangers and consequences of driving under the influence. I attended a DUI Checkpoint, hosted by GGPD, and learned one very important thing. The purpose of a checkpoint isn’t just to catch intoxicated drivers, but to educate drivers about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, prescription medication, and marijuana. In an effort to reduce the number of fatalities in the community, the City and GGPD released a Fatality Campaign. You can click the link to see the PSA, and you just might see someone familiar.

MissGG1Throughout the remainder of my year, I will speak to a variety of classrooms in the Garden Grove Unified School District, non-profit organizations, and college campus Greek Life programs about my platform while continuing to raise funds for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Stay tuned within the next couple of months as I release a series of PSAs sharing my experience with spreading the message of my platform! It is with sincere hopes that this conversation will continue to help educate and save lives from driving under the influence.

-Missy Garden Grove

Finding Fitness with Core Arts Pilates

1One of the most commonly asked question I have received about pageants is, “If you could, would you eliminate the swimsuit portion?” The honest answer would have to be…no. If you would have asked me that three years ago, when I first started competing, I would have definitely said yes. So, what ironic epiphany happened to me that changed my mind, you might ask? The answer is quite simple, finding the right workout and health lifestyle that fits just YOU. For me personally, that all lies within Core Arts Pilates.

They are Miss California’s official fitness sponsor. Every Miss California that has stepped foot on the Miss America stage has looked incredibly healthy and fit with the help of Sharmila including the entire dedicated staff at the studio. Core Arts Pilates has become a part of my journey in competing for Miss Anaheim and Miss Anaheim Hills and now, thankfully, for Miss California.

These women go above and beyond just training your body to reach its fullest fitness potential. They strive to reconnect your body with your Authentic Self. Every single time you walk into the studio, you are guaranteed support, a laugh that burns your abs, other encouraging women working towards the same goal, and a workout that makes you feel unstoppable.

2They are located in Anaheim Hills and offer private, semi-private, and group Pilates classes, in a variety of affordable pricing options. It does not matter if you are a singer, dancer, competing for a pageant, or just simply finding a way to live a healthier life. Core Arts Pilates has given me the inspiration to be in the best shape of my life, find peace in myself, and confidence to compete in Lifestyle and Fitness.

When you compete in the Miss America Organization, it is completely true when they say it takes a village to send a woman to compete in a local, state, or national level. I am elated to say that Core Arts Pilates is a part of not only my village in preparation of Miss California, but a part of the Miss California Organization’s village!

-Missy Anaheim Hills 2015