Crystal Lee
Miss California's Outstanding Teen 2008
San Francisco, California
Stanford University
Master of Arts, Communication-2013
Stanford University
Bachelor of Arts, Human Biology-2013
School of the Arts High School
Special Awards
At Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2008
Top 10
Preliminary Physical Fitness
At Miss California's Outstanding Teen 2008
Competed as Miss San Francisco's Outstanding Teen
Miss California's Outstanding Teen 2008
Academic Achievement
Keeping Arts in Schools
Total Scholarships Earned
Where is she now?
Completing her year of service as Miss California 2013, she will soon work in the tech industry in the San Francisco Bay Area
Fun Fact: I was the last Miss California's Outstanding Teen to perform in the Veterans' War Memorial Auditorium. I also slipped and fell in my talent routine. Devastated, I burst into tears because I thought it was all over before intermission. Danielle Coney, former Miss California, was the emcee of the show and consoled me in the wings, encouraging me to keep my chin up. You could imagine my utter surprise when my name was announced as Miss California's Outstanding Teen when only moments before, I was sobbing backstage.