Valerie Alcaraz- 10 Years Later

It took me 10 years to win the honor of competing on the Miss Calfiornia stage for the first time. In my vlog, I answer a question that I am asked every single year: Why do you continue competing despite the same outcome? I recount my first moment with the Miss America Organization and what has kept me optimistic and passionate all these years. This is a very emotional vlog because I explore the woman I've become throughout this journey. From ages 13-23 I've invested my heart and soul into the Miss America Organization and my platform the Girl Scouts of America. To show how much I've grown, I bring out an old photo of myself and Bree Morse (Miss California 2015) in our first year competing and the tiara I won that year in 2007 as first runner up in the outstanding teen program. There's even a cameo from my dog Gizmo! I'm so honored to have this opportunity and I think this video conveys it perfectly.