Miss California Organization

The Miss California Organization promotes the further development of the fundamental life skills within each participant, including:

–   Broader knowledge of the world around them
–   Verbal communication and interview skills
–   Physical Fitness
–   The opportunity to showcase their creative and performing arts talents

Our program encourages active involvement in community service and is fully committed to motivating and assisting young women in the state of California to fulfill their individual and professional goals by rewarding its participants with significant college and university assistance.

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More About our Organization

The Miss America Pageant was organized in 1921 by a group of Atlantic City merchants and civic leaders. It was known, at the time, as the Atlantic City Bathing Beauty Contest and was intended to be a special event designed to extend the summer season by one week.   Today, Miss America and its 1,500 Local and State Pageants comprise the largest single source of scholarship funds available to young women in the world.   An estimated 300,000 volunteers donate more than 6 million hours each year to local, state and national competitions. This unique organization provides scholarships at every level of competition.

California joined the Miss America pageant family in 1924, when a state franchise was awarded to the City of Santa Cruz. One year later, the first Miss California, Faye Lamphier of Oakland, was crowned Miss America 1925. Six Miss California representatives have since been chosen as Miss America.  In the early years, Santa Cruz, a resort oriented community similar to Atlantic City, conducted the Miss California Bathing Beauty Contest on the Bandstand at the Santa Cruz Beach. In 1966 all beach bandstand presentations were discontinued and all activities, including the preliminary competition, finals and coronations were staged in the civic auditorium. In 1985 the Miss America Pageant elected to move the state franchise from Santa Cruz to San Diego. Although headquartered in San Diego and governed primarily by a local Board of Directors, the Miss California Organization field operations are conducted by a Vice-President of Field Operations and five area Field Directors, assigned by geographical location.

The Miss California Organization operates within the guidelines of the Miss America Organization while stressing individuality, personal development, communication skills, and physical fitness. The Miss California Organization has no salaried employees. Participants in its programs are not required to pay entry fees of any kind.   The Miss California Organization has passed the $6 million mark in cash and academic scholarships awarded at the state and local level, since the pageant moved its headquarters to San Diego in 1985. In 2013 Miss California and Miss California Local Pageants awarded over $400,000 in scholarships to our contestants.  In June, 2015, 53 local representatives competed in centrally located Fresno to become Miss California 2015.

Local franchises are available throughout the state. If you are interested in starting your own franchise, please contact us at Info@MissCalifornia.Org.

* Scholarship Associates is a 501C3 charitable foundation.