Wendy Berry Mendes
Miss California 1989
San Pedro, California
University of California, San Francisco
Post Doctorate Work- Psychology/Medicine- 2004
University of California, Santa Barbara
Ph.D., Psychology- 2003
California State University, Long Beach
Master of Arts, Psychology- 1995
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology- 1993
Special Awards
At Miss California 1989
Competed as Miss Centinela Valley
Best non-vocalist talent
Miss California 1989
Total Scholarships Earned
Over $35,000
Where is she now?

With the Miss California and Miss America scholarship money, I went on to earn a doctorate in social psychology from UC Santa Barbara, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at UC San Francisco in psychology and medicine. I then took a job as an assistant professor at Harvard University in the Psychology Department and was in Cambridge from 2004-2010. In 2010, I was offered an endowed professor chair in the Psychiatry Department at UC San Francisco and sadly left Harvard, but was thrilled to return to California.

My research focuses on how emotions and acute stress alter physiologic functioning. I have been the recipient of several career awards including the Association of Psychological Science award for Transformative Early Career contributions, the Sage Award for early career scientists in social and personality psychology, and the Gordon Allport Award for the best paper on intergroup relations. My research is funded by the National Institute of Health and the National Science Foundation. I am also an associate editor at Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, senior editor at Psychological Science, and an elected board member for the Society for Experimental Social Psychologists and Association of Psychological Science.

My husband, Michael Mendes, is CEO of Just Desserts, and our daughter Blair is 11. We live in San Francisco.